Online Marketing Success Stories

AdSynergies Showcase Customer - May 2008

SEO, PPC in Specialty Retail Lighting

The Success:

  • Increased Christmas PPC profit by $300,000 - directly related to PPC campaign efficiencies
  • 400% increase in organic Christmas sales - due to organic SEO traffic increase
  • Additional $50,000 email revenue - due to rapid deployment special offer mechanism

The Story:

AdSynergies conducted a site assessment in the first step of an extensive redesign and redevelopment effort.  The assessment showed that the customer had poor organic search traffic, and relied heavily on an inefficient PPC campaign and catalog mailings for their site traffic.  They also ran a monthly email newsletter with 5,000 names.

The Solution:

The recommendation called for the consolidation of the companies four separate (non-seo'd) sites into one flagship site with special attention paid to optimization for search, ppc and conversion.  A unique requirement of the new site called for the flexibility to quickly and globally change special offers to correspond with weekly holiday emails.  In addition, the site needed to be completed, tested and ranking for selected keywords before the critical Christmas selling season.

AdSynergies employed our SYN methodology in order to ensure a highly optimized site.  This included extensive keyword research, and the construction of the site based on the desired keyword terms.  The site development and SEO was completed in less than 3 months using the AdSynergies CMS (content management system).  The site content was all written by AdSynergies.  Significantly, the customer's product set included more than 100 SKUs.  The ecommerce platform was built on Miva with a heavily customized shopping cart.  The site was tested, up and running well in advance of the holidays.

Simultaneous with site development, was the optimization of the Pay Per Click campaigns.  The customer had spent more than $500,000 on PPC advertising in the year prior, but was only seeing a 2-1 return on their investment (ROI).  AdSynergies employed our famous "Washington PPC" methodology to their existing PPC account and quickly cut the losers and found new winners resulting in an average ROI of 7-1.  This boosted their PPC profit by more than $300,000 for the Christmas holiday. 

Merry Christmas indeed.


AdSynergies Showcase Customer - June 2008

SEO, PPC in Defense Industry Research

The Success:

  • Top 5 Rankings on 12 high level keywords
  • 500% organic traffic increase
  • 3x increase in leads

The Story:

AdSynergies conducted a site assessment and found a site with minimal organic traffic.  We also found an abandoned Google AdWords PPC campaign that had run unmonitored and whose ads had been disabled.  The campaign keywords were subject to $5 and $10 SLAP penalties.

The root of the problem was the lack of SEO on the site.  The site was not being indexed properly and therefore was not getting credit for its breadth of content.  This lead to the problems with the Google AdWords pay per click campaign they created to drive traffic to the site.

AdSynergies conducted extensive keyword research and re-wrote the most relevant portions of the site content to reflect the results of the keyword research.  We implemented structural changes to the sites code to make it more friendly to search engine robots and optimized content internal to the application.  We monitored and optimized the site for 3 months. 


AdSynergies Showcase Customer - February 2009

Fire Ant Control and Fire Ant Elimination

AdSynergies launched a consumer information portal and product store for the upcoming fire ant season.  Fire ants are spreading widely throughout the southern states.  Each spring brings another wave of fire ant attacks, and the site is designed to help educate people on how to control their spread and treat the inevitable stings.


The site is currently ranked #1 for "fire ant elimination" in Yahoo and top 5 for that term in Google.  We're also top 5 in all search engines for both "fire ant" and "fire ants".  We'll continue to optimize until we're #1.  Traffic on these terms is quite high from Spring-Fall.


AdSynergies Showcase Customer - March 2009

Solar Energy Products Store

AdSynergies is building a solar products store to meet the demand for consumer and home solar products.  The April launch of the site will also include energy information and videos on renewable energy sources.  Products and services from the site range from solar panels to solar panel installers services.  Also check out solar energy for kids to help educate your kids about solar power.



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