Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Washington DC

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of today's online marketing mix. By optimizing both the technical underpinnings of a website, as well as the content and keywords that describe the business, it is possible to produce vastly improved "organic" search engine rankings.  In addition, the benefits of an SEO optimized site also yield savings on PPC Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

White Hat SEO in Washington DC

AdSynergies specializes in the ethical practice of search engine optimization, also known as "White Hat" SEO.  White Hat SEO successfully employs a methodology advocated by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and the other search engines to help eliminate spam and other unwanted "noise" from the internet.  Adhering to guidelines laid down by the search engines ensures better rankings.  It also ensures that the "content" of your website will be readable, relevant and compelling to your customers. 

White Hat SEO is based upon a holistic model:  If your site is clean, well designed, full of interesting content and targeted at your customers interests - the general "intelligence" of the internet will increase and your site will benefit by being awarded higher ranking.  A virtuous cycle is then established where you continue to build the content and relevance of your site and your rankings increase.  By targeting a set of keyword phrases (2, 3, 4 word phrases) that are specific to your industry and customer base, we can set an achievable goal of a significantly higher ranking for your desired phrases.

Let us take a look at your site, and we'll tell you what potential gains can be expected.  Contact us at 301-275-0961 or fill out the contact form and we'll respond within 24 hours.

The Value of Links

At the same time your site is growing with interesting content and your customers are impressed by your site, people from other related websites will recognize your efforts and occasionally "link" to your site from theirs.  This has two benefits.  One is the direct traffic that will result from the link to your site.  The other results from the search engines awarding your site "juice" (aka Google juice or Page Rank) from these "inbound" links and an incremental boost to your rankings.  Generally, the better the ranking of the site linking to you, the better your accumulation of juice and the higher your ranking.  The notion of Page Rank is most evident on Google.  Sites with the highest quality inbound links are rewarded by Google as expert sites (they are expert because other people are recognizing it by linking to them.) and are given the highest rankings. 

AdSynergies actively assists in the building of inbound links as part of our SEO activities.  This notion of "link building" is one of the softer aspects of SEO because it often requires diplomatic and sales oriented approaches to favored link targets.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Google's share of the search engine market is currently 70% (July 2008).  Yahoo is 20% and Microsoft is 7%.  While no one can say exactly what the search engines are looking for when they rank sites, there is a huge industry dedicated to trying to figure it out - and lots of money to be made by the winners.

Google is the main target for SEO.  It is also, arguably, the more complex platform to optimize for.    


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